Introduction to Adhi

Over five years ago when the Buddha Powers Hermitage started as a monastic retreat no monks visited this Siskiyou foothills region. Easy to understand why__no Buddhist community, too far from “the action”, and no support base.  I set out to change that.  People call me Venerable Adhisila, or “Adhi” (aw-dee) for short.  “Hey, Adhi!” they say.  Easy going monk.

For the last six years I have pursued a Buddhist monastic life.  I have been living and working with our communities in the California Bay Area, the Puget Sound Region of Washington, and now the Oregon Bay Area near Coos Bay, as well as Europe and Asia.  Before that I helped found the Student Buddhism Association at University of Washington in 1989, while I worked on a degree in Cultural Anthropology, out of my own interests in Buddhism that stemmed from early meditation exposure as a child growing up in Central Oregon. I have since worked diligently to support our common purpose.  I have studied and practiced with many teachers in America, Europe, and Asia over the last 30 years.

Our theme and mission remains quite simple:  Cultivating Moral Generosity.

I hope that over the flow of moments we spend in connecting through this dhamma letter and through your correspondence - an understanding and compassionate relationship forms.  I want to address our concerns, not spout dogma, nor reprint what others have published.  I will share my experiences and lessons as requested by you.  Really this needs to develop as your forum.  Take a moment please to introduce yourself to me.  Thank you.